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 همتون خبر دارین دیگه من این چند روز وقت نداشتم مرتب آپ کنم یکم دیر این خبرو گذاشتم
شایعه شده بود که کیم هیونگ جون و سو یی هیون باهم قرار میذارن. طبق این شایعه این دو نفر بعداز بازی در سریال "دختر درخشان" باهم صمیمی میشن و بعد باهم دوست میشن. اونا خیلی همدیگه رو دوست داشتن و علاقه شون رو جلوی همه نشون میدادن. دراین میون یه مدت بینشون به میخوره ولی چون نمیتونستن همدیگه رو فراموش کنن دوباره بهم برگشتن. که البته کمپانی ها فورا واکنش نشون دادن و تکذیبش کردن. البته کمپانی یی هیون کاملا خبرو تکذیب کرد و گفت که رابطه شون فقط رابطه ی دوستیه و خیلی محافظه کارانه عمل کرد ولی کمپانی هیونگ جون قبول کرد که قبلا باهم قرار میذاشتن ولی گفتن الان نمیدونن رابطه شون هنوز ادامه داره یانه و تو مسائل خصوصی شون دخالت نمیکنن

کمپانی هیونگ جون اینو هم اعلام کرده که رابطه ی هیونگ جون و یی هیون فقط یه رابطه ی دوستانه و صمیمی بین سونبه و هوبه (ینی ارشد و کسی که نسبت به ارشده تازه کار تره!) هست و این صمیمی بودنشون باعث شده بعضیا دچار سوءتفاهم بشن که اینا باهم رابطه دارن

البته یکی از نمیایندگان اس پلاس (کمپانی هیونگ جون) هم گفته چون از طرف کمپانی یی هیون شدیدا این خبر داره تکذیب میشه منم نمیتونم چیزی جز این بگم که این دوتا اصلا باهم قرار نمیذاشتن و رابطه ای ندارن.

باتوجه به همه ی این حرفا بنظرم یکم اون اوایل کمپانی ها باهم هماهنگ نبودن و بین حرفایی که زده شد تناقض بود ولی درکل چیزی که هردو طرف اعلام کردن این بود که هیچ رابطه ای بینشون نیست و شایعه اشتباهه

البتهههههههه اگه هم می بود که مکشلی نبود... من قبل از اینکه خبر تکذیب بشه یکم خوشحال هم بودم بهم میان! البته خبر تکذیب شده پس هیچ جای نگرانی واسه هیچ کس وجود نداره خیالتون راحت

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A new couple is born in Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun!

An insider told Sports Seoul, "Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun are dating. Just like any other couple, they had their downs, but they overcame it and they're meeting happily. Usually they enjoy dating in the car, and they express their affections for each other without minding others. Braodcast insiders already know this."

The two first met in 2012 during the KBS Drama drama "Sunshine Girl", and started dating afterward. Kim Hyung Jun fell for her kind, down-to-earth personality, and So Yi Hyun fell for his kind and humorous personality

Another insider said, "The two of them started dating after 'Sunshine Girl' finished airing. Even during the filming, they had great teamwork, so the staff all met up together. Back then, they were just noona-dongseng, but they matched each other well, so they always looked really close."

Yet another said, "The two became close fast because they were both interested in acting and because they had similar hobbies. They're so trusting in one another that they introduce each other to their friends. They broke up once during their relationship, but they got back together again because they couldn't forget each other. They both look amazing and their personality matches well as well, so it feels good to see them together."

Kim Hyung Jun's label said, "It's true that the two dated. But the label doesn't intrude onto his personal life much, so we don't know the details." However, So Yi Hyun's label was more careful and said, "It's true they did meet through 'Sunshine Girl', but we thought they were no longer meeting."

News- Agencies deny SS501's Kim Hyung Jun and actress So Yi Hyun dating issue

Credit:  www.dkpopnews


SS501's Kim Hyung Jun and actress So Yi Hyun have been reported dating by <sportsseoul.com>. According to the news site, they have been dating for one year and underwent lovers' crisis but overcome it. They added that the couple has been enjoying their time mostly in their car where they meet and openly expressing their affection to each other

However, their respective agencies are quick to respond and deny the claimed reports. So Yi Hyun agency, Keyeast, told TV Daily, "It is right that So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun became close acquaintance after their drama 'Sunshine Girl." , "However, the two only has close sunbaenim-hoobae relationship and they are not dating."

Official from Kim Hyung Jun agency also denied the dating report,"There's no other associated relationship between Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun other than friendship." He added that the dating report is a baseless rumor

News- So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun State “They Are Just Friends” Admist Relationship Rumors

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Actress So Yi Hyun and idol-turned-actor Kim Hyung Jun have denied reports that they are dating

Local news agency Sports Seoul reported about an hour ago that So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun have been dating for over an year. An acquaintance of the two actors told the agency, “Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun are dating. Like any other couple, they had some trouble in the middle, but they overcame it and are currently happily seeing each other.  They usually have car dates and show each other affection openly. Their relationship is already public among people in the broadcasting industry.”

So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun  first met through the 2012 drama, “My Shining Girl.” According to an industry who spoke to Sports Seoul, the two became more than just colleagues after the end of the drama. Another source said that “So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun became close quickly since they have similar interests and hobbies” and  that “they once separated in the middle of their relationship but they couldn’t forget each other and starting seeing one another again.”

There have been confusing reports about whether these two are actually dating. According to Sports Seoul, a rep from Kim Hyung Jun’s agency, SPlus Entertainment, said, “It is true that the two dated. But since the agency doesn’t interfere with personal matters, we are not sure about the current situation.” So Yi Hyun’s agency, Keyeast, said, “It is true that the two met through “My Shining Girl,” but we understand that they are not seeing each other now.”

Another news source Edaily is reporting that So Yi Hyun’s agency is denying the two are dating; they are merely just good friends. In regards to SPlus admittance to the relationship to Sports Seoul, the agency clarified to Edaily that it merely meant they heard the two were dating but needed to confirm. The agency is claiming that Sports Seoul twisted its words

Various other news sources are stating that both So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun have denied the relationship. SPlus is said to have stated to Money Today, ”We have confirmed with Kim Hyung Jun. They have continued to remain friends after meeting each other through their drama, but they have never dated.” It also stated to MBN Star the same thing

Article- So Yi Hyun and Kim Hyung Jun's reps deny dating rumor

Credit www.allkpop.com


Although it was reported that Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun were dating, both agencies have stepped out to deny such claims on March 3.  However, there appeared to have been some confusion as to the facts and maybe some miscommunication

A high-ranking representative of Kim Hyung Jun's agency S-Plus Entertainment told Sports Seoul that the two had indeed dated after getting close through the drama 'Sunshine Girl.'  During their relationship, they had broken up once and gotten back together, but the rep admitted to not knowing the exact details at the moment. However, after the reports went out, the same rep said that they had broken up just a few days before because it was hard on Kim Hyung Jun every weekend

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So Yi Hyun's agency Key East Entertainment told My Daily on March 3, "We heard that they were friendly while appearing together on KBS drama 'Sunshine Girl.'  Even now, the two are close colleagues, but So Yi Hyun is not dating anyone right now."

Kim Hyung Jun's agency S-Plus Entertainment also told My Daily, "It is true he was close to So Yi Hyun, but they did not meet each other on intimate terms or date.  It was said that the two had previously broken up and then started dating again, but we've confirmed that this was false.  Both Kim Hyung Jun and So Yi Hyun have animated personalities so they actively maintained their friendship, and that is all."

The previous S-Plus Entertainment rep also told Sports Seoul, "Because Kim Hyung Jun's party did not talk about their positions with So Yi Hyun's party, it appears his side felt burdened by acknowledging the dating rumor.  I think So Yi Hyun's' side strongly raised objections against Kim Hyung Jun's side

So Yi Hyun's agency called us and created a fuss.  There were stuff that I said so I can't deny anything, but since it's awkward right now, I will just say they never dated for now."

As you can see, things are still a bit fuzzy and unclear at the moment, but it appears both agencies have denied the dating rumor at the moment

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خالکوبی روی دست هیونگ جون تو کنسرت سومین سالگرد سولوش


نمیدونم معنیش چی میشه ولی ترجمه ای که دیدم این بود:

استراتژی گناه، گناه پاپ

که متن رو به زبون جاوه ای درنظر گرفته بود... به اسپانیایی و انگلیسی که نمیخورد...
به اسپانیایی Prosa میشه "نثر" و Pausa هم میشه "مکث"... معنیش درست درنمیاد. فکرکنم همین جاوه ایه درست تر باشه.


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عكس های هیونگ جون در كنفرانس خبری Santiago



ادامه مطلب

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یکشنبه 27 بهمن 1392 :: نویسنده : asal khj

عكس های كیم هیونگ جون در كنسرت 'HE, His Story'

ای جاااااااااااااااانننننننننن.....جونگی و كیو جون هم بود

عكس های جدید اضافه شد



ادامه مطلب

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جونگی و هیونگی قراره اهنگی برا سریال در حال پخش Empress Ki بخونن


On January 28, Kim Hyung Jun's official site, Jjunaway updated some new photos of him and Park Jung Min practicing for MBC drama, "Empress Ki" OST. 

Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun are members of SS501, a famous idol group formed in 2005. Since 2010, they ended their contracts with DSP media and went to other agencies with no disbandment announcement. They rarely be together since then, that's why their collaboration this time made fans happy and excited. 

In the photo, Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min look close and happy together. They're practicing for the duet release of "Empress Ki" OST. The song will be revealed soon.

Are you expected to hear it?

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كیم هیونگ جون تور آمریكای جنوبی رو با موفقیت به پایان رسوند

Kim Hyung Jun recently went on his South American concert tour which saw him perform in countries like Peru, Chile, before concluding in Bolivia, and proved his popularity with throngs of fans following him whenever he went.

As the first Korean singer to hold a concert in Bolivia, Kim Hyung Jun performed ‘Sorry I’m Sorry’, ‘We’ and many otherSS501 and his solo songs.


His agency stated, “The weather wasn’t good on the day of his concert, but fans still came to show their support with much passion, there were over 3,000 fans who weren’t able to catch the concert but lingered outside the venue.”

Kim Hyung Jun’s arrival at the airport, also saw many fans coming to welcome him to their country. Fans also started pitching tents outside the concert venue, a 3 whole days before the actual concert. Fans also followed Kim Hyung Jun around wherever he went, and police had to be called in to maintain safety. The media in Bolivia also extensively reported on Kim Hyung Jun’s schedules in the country as well as his concert.


Following the conclusion of his South American tour, Kim Hyung Jun returned to Korea on January 20th, and has resumed filming for his KBS 1TV daily drama ‘Melody of Love’.


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عكس های خوشگل كیم هیونگ جون در فرودگاه اینچئون

خیلی جی..گرشده هاااااااا


بقیش ادامه مطلب

ادامه مطلب

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جمعه 4 بهمن 1392 :: نویسنده : asal khj

دان لود ام وی OH AH از كیم هیونگ جون

خیلی بامزست....



ادامه مطلب

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سه شنبه 1 بهمن 1392 :: نویسنده : asal khj

اپدیت موزیك high كیم هیونگ جون

من نمیدونم كی میخواد ازین اداهاش دست برداره!!!



یكی ادامه

ادامه مطلب

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كیم هیونگ جون برای شروع تور امریكای جنوبی خود به پرو می رسد!!


Kim Hyung Jun left to South America on January 10th his first South America tour, and he was marveled by the number of fans, who have been waiting for him at the airport.

It was the first time for Kim Hyung Jun to visit Peru, and approximately one thousand fans screamed out explosive cheers as Kim Hyung Jun walked out of the gate. They also followed Kim Hyung Jun to everywhere he went, including press conference, the concert venue, the hotel, and restaurants.

Major congestions were caused at everywhere they went to, and the car that Kim Hyung Jun was in was followed by uncountable number of taxis and cars.

A great number of local press reporters also showed explosive reactions for Kim Hyung Jun’s arrival, and headlined detailed reports about his visit.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Jun will be getting back to Korea after finishing 10 days of tour in South America, and he will be having another solo concert in Korea in February.

برین ادامـــــــــــــــــه

ادامه مطلب

نوع مطلب : Kim Hyung Jun، News، 
برچسب ها : تور امریكای جنوبی كیم هیونگ جون،
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كیم هیونگ جون : وقتی كه متوجه شدم مردم شیلی گرم هستند


Very relaxed was the Korean musician Kim Hyung Jun in the press conference on January 14 in Santiago, one day before his show in Chile.

The word most commonly used Hyung Jun was “Thank you” to each question of the journalists who came to the hotel, plus some children’s “Regazo” Foundation, which received assistance from the singer.

“I never imagined to have many fans in Latin America, but as I had told other members of SS501 knew had kpop fans, but I felt I had so many fans at the airport and I was surprised with the amount of fans,” he said.

About our country said: “I had heard that Chilean fans were passionate and warm, a person is worth 200, and yesterday I felt, upon arriving I realized they’re hot.”

“It’s the first time in my life that so many people greet me kiss and I’m happy, I like to say hello as well,” he added.

On the possibility of coming to Chile with SS501 noted that it is difficult for now. “Some time ago we had thought about coming as a group, but we are now working solo, so it’s more complicated, but we’ve thought several times so we hope can be done at some point.”

Kim Hyung Jun will be presented on Wednesday 15 January at the Teatro Caupolicán and there are still tickets on sale through Ticketek system (Falabella and CineHoyts).

متن ترجمه به همراه عكس هایی از بیبی در ادامــــــــــــــــه

ادامه مطلب

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درباره وبلاگ

به وب خودتون خوش اومدین
من تو این وبلاگ علاوه بر گروه محبوبم دابل اس ازگروه های دیگه هم مطلب میزارم
پس از همه ی پست ها لطفا دیدن كنین
دانشجوی مهندسی اب و 20 ساله هستم و عاشق وطرفدار پروپاقرص كیم هیون جونگ !!!
كپی از مطالب وبلاگ با ذكر منبع!

مدیر وبلاگ : asal khj
نظرتون در مورد وبلاگ؟؟


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